April 2004 Update Letter


Can you even believe it is almost the end of April?  I have two weeks of school left, exactly.  I’m almost done with my freshman year of college!  WOW… does every year of my life have to fly by from this point on? I enjoy living so much, and usually I like to move quickly, but I want to enjoy every moment!!

Right now I have details of this summer and next year zooming through my head!  I’m not quite sure where I’m going to be living yet next year, I have a few options open but right now God hasn’t revealed the plan to me.  I filled out an application to be a prayer leader here on campus.  I would lead a small group each Thursday night after hall meeting (our time to get everyone on the hall together and hear announcements).  I would also be praying for those girls and being there for them whenever they needed a listening ear or help or whatever :-).  So far, I’ve had one prayer leader interview… and they didn’t want me :-(… I was sad, but I might end up on their hall anyway even though I really wanted to be on leadership on their hall.  At this point I’m waiting to see if anyone recommends me to someone or if a hall sees my name on the approved list and gives me a call.  I know that wherever God wants me, He’ll give me many opportunities for ministry

I’m planning on attending the same church next year, I’ll just have to find a new ride b/c my usual ride will have graduated (Miriam and James, the couple I mentioned in my last letter).  There I’ll still be involved in ministry in some form.  I’m planning on trying to limit myself to two ministries and a job. (we’ll see how I stick to it).

I’m looking at taking 17 credits next year, almost a full load. I’m excited, but nervous.

For this summer, I’m hoping I can find either a completely new job that will pay better than my current job (working at Perkins) but if not, than an additional job that would supplement my income so I can pay for school :-)…. So… if any of you hear of any openings and could give me a recommendation that would be awesome.  My mom sent me the want adds, so I’ll be looking through those, but I love it when “connections” happen. I’ll be home from about may 11 to either aug 13 or 20 depending on whether I’m a prayer leader or not.

Well, I feel kinda boring right now so I’ll stop, as always, I love hearing back from you, so send me your questions!

Nicole Elise

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