November 2005 Update Letter

Hello! Greetings from Virginia.

I came home for the week of Thanksgiving and was able to attend church at Maranatha so I was able to see many of you. Thank you for the hugs and the welcome smiles, I definitely realized how much I miss all of you. 

Classes are still going well. Since my last email I wrote 4 20 page papers (that was fun 😉 I currently have one 5-10 page paper left to write due next Tuesday, I have an exam on Friday, an exam next Wednesday, I’m looking at 2 or 3 final exams from a total of 5 classes.

I will be coming home the 16th of December, so I can go to Ange and Brian’s wedding and then I’ll go back to school the 17th of January (or so).

School starts the 18th of January. I’m plan to work for a few weeks at Meijer and go skiing with my family. Other than that, give me a call, maybe we can get together.

I’m currently scheduled to take 16 credits for the spring. Two hard classes, one moderately hard class, and three easy classes. It’s starting to get to the point where I need to really be making decisions about next year.

I’m praying for clarity of thought and discernment. I would like to come back to Liberty for my masters, but my dilemma is housing, if I choose housing off campus, my dilemma becomes finding a means of transportation to and from school. So I’m really praying about whether starting my masters immediately is a good plan or not. So I would enjoy it if you would pray along with me.

I’m reading through the Psalms these days, It’s so cool to see David’s love relationship with God, I love his honesty and openness, sometimes I feel like I’m reading his diary.

I’m sorry this one is really short, my brain feels really blank.
See you soon!

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