March 2006 Update Letter


So much has happened since the last time I wrote. I had my busiest weeks of semester ( I hope) I had spring break and I had a job interview… keep reading for more details.

I wrote a really fun paper for my group dynamics class it was a “biblical femininity group for high school girls” I hope I eventually get to lead this group because it was so much fun to write! I talked about lady-like behavior, what it means to be a woman who honors God, fashion, purity, modesty and so much more! I even planned for guest speakers, a panel of mature mothers, fashion shows, a pampering night and many other exciting things all spread out over a 16 week semester format.

For spring break I went with my roommate to Atlanta, GA where she is from… I was well churched that week. We went to her family’s church on Sunday, Burnt Hickory Baptist Church. The college class was amazing (almost made me want to move there just for that ;)) then her pastor was also a great teacher of the word. That night we went back to church for a revival teacher, he spoke Sunday Night and Monday. Then… on Tuesday we went to 7/22 the college ministry of North Pointe Community Church. It was so interesting, we walked in and the chairs were backwards, they started this series called Retro and what happens when you live life living in the past instead of repenting of your mistakes and moving on. We eventually got to turn our chairs around, but it was a neat point to drive home. On Wednesday night we went back to Jen’s church and went to the college Bible study there, the singles pastor talked about being prepared for battle. The other times of the week were great as well. I caught up on a lot of sleep, we explored Atlanta a little bit, we all went to her dad’s base, he works for the navy so he showed us his office and we got to see a little bit of what he does. Of course we didn’t see anything top secret, because if we did… well you know. On Saturday we drove to Commerce, GA and met up with our friend Amanda, to go spend the night at her house, (she was our ride to Jen’s house, and our ride back to school, but she’s our friend first) We spent the night at Amanda’s house in S.C. then went to church with her on Sunday. I forgot to mention that I tried boiled peanuts for the first time…. Apparently they are an acquired taste (I’ll just have to believe them).

The Friday I got back from spring break I went down to Jacksonville, FL for a job interview with Hosanna House, it is a residential home for girls. They offered me the position and I accepted it. (They and I, and several of you have been praying about and for this for several months, and for that I thank you) I will be moving down there the weekend of June 17 (right after Mr. Luke VanWingerden marries Miss Laura Nickels… wow that makes me feel old 😉 *wink*)

I will be a house mother (yes, a mother 😉 weird), and I know God will teach me a lot through all of it for 13-17 year old girls. There are currently 13 girls living there. The house has room for 16, but will house up to 24. The girls are involuntarily placed in this home by their parents. They are unable to live with their parents for various reasons (mental health, poor behavioral choices, aggression, etc.). I will definitely have lots of prayer requests for you all throughout this next season of my life, as I learn a new job, acclimate myself to a new culture and minister to a group of girls I have very little experience with.

Graduation is May 13th and time seems to be flying… I don’t know if I want it to come, I do, because I’m excited about this next season, but I’m not quite ready for this current season of my life to end.

Well, this seems like a short email (but I wanted to get it out before everyone starts hearing my news through the grapevine *wink*)

So please feel free to email me with more questions! (I love getting mail, of any kind)

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