June 2007 Update Letter

On Sat, 23 Jun 2007 00:56:40 -0400 “Humphrey, Nicole Elise”  writes:

As the world turns… Nicole moves with it… wait… I mean…

Hello from Virginia!

It feels so nice to say that! I’m here, I’m back, I’m settled in.

What has been going on in my life this past month?
I was in Michigan June 1-10, I saw many of you Michigan type people at open houses, weddings, your house or mine and it was GREAT! For those of you I missed, I am very sorry, you’ll just have to come see me in VA or wait until I get home again!

As I said in my May update, most of my time in MI was spent on the shores or waves of Crockery Lake. Skiing, tubing, swimming, tanning, reading etc. I was also able to stain a bridge and a bench for my mom and do some landscaping/gardening projects.

I arrived in Lynchburg, unpacked my car, went to the family’s home where the rest of my stuff was graciously stored, went to the home where a friend gave me some furniture… and dove into unpacking… What an adventure! It all fits and I’m very excited about the sanding/painting/staining project I have ahead of me for this furniture.

I have gone through my orientation, and restraint training at The Madeline Centre. I cannot begin to express to you how relieved my heart is after going through the restraint training. This is the stuff I NEEDED to know when I was working at HH, and based on everything everyone at TMC has said… I wont need to use it here! But praise the Lord at least I know it! My co-workers seem like a great group of people, very fun, enjoying life and knowledgeable about this field.

I’ll be an intensive in-home therapist working with at-risk youth in the greater central Virginia area. The kids will have a wide range of hurts and hang-ups to deal with, but I’m sure the Lord will sustain me and equip me as necessary. I’ll get to work under almost direct supervision of the director of the center and her sister, while spending a couple nights each week in their mother’s home, with these two incredible women. PTL! On the job training in a job that will be very individual and potentially lonely.

I’ve met two of my clients so far and have already logged 17.5 hours with them… in 3 days time. Amazing! We’ve gone fishing (I’ll let those of you who are in shock over this recover…), swimming at a pool, to a baseball game and just “hung out”.
Irony of ironies… I intentionally picked a fishing pole w/ a very large hook… with no worm… for a pond stocked w/ blue gills…
WE CAUGHT A FISH! No joke… I was in shock…
Thankfully this big strong man… er… 10 year old boy who was small for his age… came to my rescue and took the fish off the hook.

One of my current goals includes learning about and starting to do some kind of investing… fun-scary! If you have any expertise or experience or suggestions in this area, I’d love to hear it.
I’m interested in money market mutual funds and the stock market…or… anything.
I’m still reading a book called “Smart Women Finish Rich” (they recommend reading it twice) and I’m learning a lot… book-wise… now I just need some actual practical experience.

That’s all for now, what’s going on in your life/area of the world?

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