July 2007 Update Letter

Sent: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 2:02 pm
Subject: July Update from Nicole Humphrey

Hello Friends and Family!

Once again… 30 days have FLOWN by! Summer is beginning to wind down… life is speeding up and I’m spinning!  But oh is it FUN!
I officially have 3 clients now. Two girls and one boy. It’s intense. I work w/ each client 10 hours a week, and the two girls are in the same family, so I’m with that family for 20 hours a week. There have been some interesting struggles. It’s a weird mix between, parenting, counseling, nanny-ing, mentoring… etc. Hard cases, hard lifestyles, trauma… but some funny moments as well. I’m learning more about the greater Lynchburg area and that’s been fun. I work almost in Richmond every week, so a lot of driving in my little car, but it’s good.

Speaking of my little car… I’ve been learning the importance of regular maintenance… and get this… I changed my air filter ALL BY MYSELF! I was so proud. I only got a little bit dirty!

I took a Trip to NY for my friend’s wedding. So fun, went into NY city, spent the weekend on Long Island, went swimming in the COLD COLD COLD Atlantic Ocean, enjoyed central Park, AND… the Metropolitan Museum of art… where… I ran into Ken Currel from Kenowa Hills! so crazy! My friend Deirdra and I ate at this fun Italian restaurant, explored the Hershey’s and M&M store… sadly… I always forget about gifts and mementos… and… souvenirs… so… nothing purchased… but MEMORIES! AND Pictures!

School: After taking the summer off… I am registered for 3 classes this fall… I’ll be taking one Distance Learning class per 8 weeks, and one 16 week residential course, so it’ll feel like two classes (I hope). All in an attempt to graduate spring of 2010…. so I’m semi-committed to Lynchburg until then…

Churches: I have been trying almost a different church a week since I’ve been here, there are two that I’ve gone to twice… One is Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church… they have this 8:30 a.m. Celtic service that is phenomenal… the other is Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Luke & Laura, and Nick & Liz attend there, so it’s been fun going to church with them.

House/Roomies: My roommates took vacations the first two weeks of July so I was here by my lonesome, but two of them are back, and we are anticipating the arrival of our fourth very soon.

Way short update this month. But I’m so thankful for your continued prayers and support!

Nicole Humphrey

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