August 2007 Update Letter

“Humphrey, Nicole Elise” wrote:

What a month!

Should I start w/ the good? yes, lets! I started my first residential graduate class on the 21st, I started my 5th DLP course on the 20th… My roommates are incredible women. My parents have been incredibly supportive to me in so many ways, all of my life. My God is bigger and more amazing, and more comforting, and more than willing. The staff at The Madeline Centre have been and are incredible. Every time I mess up or something… I hear, ‘alright, lesson learned for next time’ and we move on. They are so giving and compassionate.

Okay, to be honest, this has been a hard month for me… I’ve encountered a lot of frustrating things… my car needs to be fixed and it looks like it’ll be an expensive fix, it’s drivable, but… it squeals… my desktop computer crashed… my friend is working on data recovery for me… but… looks like I’ll be buying a new laptop beginning of September… I almost had to close a case w/ one of my clients because of resistance (got that resolved! YAY!)… I experienced my first attempt at an ECO (Emergency Confinement Order) where I or my supervisors believe my client’s condition is severe enough to possibly need admittance to the hospital… I locked my keys on the front seat of my car out in Charlotte County… an hour and fifteen minutes away from my spare key…. I got a summer cold or allergies… and probably more 🙂

But I’ve learned a lot through all of this and I’ve been stretched in ways… whoa!
1) My frustrations stem not only from my unmet expectations, but also when I’m doing something that goes against what I value.
2) I’m not in control or responsible for the ‘what if’s’
3) I’m not responsible for anyone else’s growth, choices or responses
4) Community and friendships of all walks are valuable to my health and sanity
5) I prefer a schedule (who is surprised by this great revelation?)

I’m still looking for a church body to join, you’d think, being here in the bible belt… it’d be easy… maybe I’m too picky ?

I’ve been reading 1 Samuel lately, and amazed by my God over and over and over…

I’m still reading The Hobbit… geez you think I have free time? I’m also reading Community 101.

I’ve toured a museum in Danville, VA and learned more about the Civil War.

I’ve been able to do some interesting counseling techniques w/ my clients.

That’s about it for the high lights.

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