September 2007 Update Letter

Sent: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 6:36 pm
Subject: September update from Nicole

September started out… still warm! It’s so beautiful watching fall come in slowly… I have some incredible drives I get to make multiple times a week, through all of these beautiful parkways… I love fall colors! and that crisp air feeling… yummy… one of my favorite fall activities is still… (blushing) crunching leaves! I love the sound! Crazy, oh well! In fact, my roommates and I on the first day of fall went to the bank of the James River up near the Blue Ridge Parkway to play in the warm sunshine!

Work- I had a pretty easy first two weeks of the month, not really by choice… one of my client’s parents decided to discontinue services w/ myself and the other therapist in the home… so I had an unplanned ‘vacation’? er? It was an interesting journey, learning about a discharge almost before I’d gotten the groove of working a case… but oh well… on to the next one. My next client seems to be as difficult as the last as far as problems (maybe worse) but his parents are more on board… wh/ is half the battle anyway. I tried a technique called a Sand Tray the other day, and I am so excited to use it with my clients. It feels silly when you first think about it, but it really allows the therapist using it to get a perspective on what is going on inside a client’s mind and emotions.

School- crazy, first huge paper 8-12 on my cultural background and my first quiz in my residential class. I’m beginning to wonder if this was a bigger bite to chew on than I originally planned.. but I’m almost at a loss on how to handle this, because one of the reasons I moved back to Lynchburg is to attend classes in the classroom, but… I don’t know if two residential classes, instead of my current route of one residential (16 wk) and two dlp (8 wk each, one at a time) would be easier or the same level of difficulty.

House- four girls in one home… equals… many opportunities to improve communication skills! Wow, I’m appreciating the passages in Scripture that talk about the home, the necessity for a head of the household, and I’m being challenged in the areas of loving my ‘neighbor’ and servant-leadership… so fun, but… WOW!

Churches- I am still actively looking, I’ve been bouncing around at a few different ones, I’m now in the process of trying different Sunday school classes/community/small groups at some of the ones I feel more drawn to, to determine what will be a good fit.

Friends/Relationships- I am having a blast spending time w/ the people God has placed in my life here in VA, breakfast, dinner, coffee, running, walking, tea, shopping, dropping by… etc… a different take on community than I’ve had before, but still a wonderful blessing.

I finished the book “Community 101” recently, good read, good questions, challenging concept, truly striving to be the body/bride/church of Christ… rather than a hubub of Christian activities.

I’m still leisurely reading through “The Hobbit”. I finished “Smart Women Finish Rich” a definite must read for all of the women who receive my updates! 🙂 I haven’t even thought about what book to start next because my counseling classes have 3 books each!

Sad news: my desktop computer died, I might have mentioned this last month (?), and I’m in the market for a new laptop, but I’m trying to make sure I’m making good financial decisions these days, so I’m not in a rush…

Speaking of financial decisions, the company I work for just set up a retirement plan, so… I opened a retirement account! Whoa, but in the “Smart Women” book… they say you’re never too young to establish a retirement account. All of this is new territory for me, but I’m having a blast learning it all. Not sure what the next step will be… but on to the next part of the journey!

Interesting praise of the month…
my car has been squealing for awhile, and I’ve been putting off getting it fixed b/c of the potential cost… well I finally made the appointment, took it to the dealer and they said it was a belt problem, well my belt had been fixed w/in 10,000 miles… so I was ‘sure’ it wasn’t that… they offered to fix it for… $50, I asked to wait on it, when I went back to the dealership to pick up my car, they told me they had cut off the belt to look at it, so they replaced it w/ a new belt, for FREE! So, no squeal, it cost way less than I was expecting (duh! free is good!) and my car is fixed!

My mom is coming on Thursday and I am mega excited about that!

Further up and further in!

Nicole Elise

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