It’s finally Friday!

What a long week. And to counteract it’s effects, I picked up those delicious cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera this morning for the bank and, coupled with an invigorating drive in my new antique classic BMW in this beautiful weather, makes today very ‘Yay for Friday’! I’ve decided that this car looks like it’s driven by someone with a library. Which it is. Probably a fan of Ron Paul. Which it is. I’ll download his Liberty convo talk a bit later today. The most amusing thing I’ve come across today is the recent ‘thefts’ of vehicles in Scotland. The owners awake to discover their keys oddly placed or notice a sudden increase in mileage. Apparently the thieves take the vehicle for a spin… and then return it. At least 8 instances have occurred recently. Now why didn’t I think of that? And what kind of car would I take for the night?

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