First Christmas… by Nicole

Christmas has come and gone with no snow in Lynchburg, VA and this newlywed is quite sad. We had a delightful holiday full of laughter and surprises. This year, in our attempt to learn more about each other we chose to have a primarily surprise-free Christmas, between the two of us. (We of course planned out many surprises for friends and family alike). I knew I would want presents to open Christmas day, so even though I knew the contents of the two boxes under the tree meant for me, I chose to wrap them without opening the shipping boxes. (yay Amazon Prime!)

About a week before Christmas arrived, my excellent husband sent me a message inquiring if we had stretch room in our Christmas budget; specifically with regards to gifts to each other, because he wanted to get me a surprise gift! I enjoy surprises so much! He has great taste, so I was sure I would enjoy the gift! It also freed me to select the item I had wanted to purchase for him as a surprise! Woohoo!

We love Apple and Google products and on both of our iPhones we use TrackThis with a website feature through where we can login to our joint google account and follow packages we buy. My excellent husband had entered a package by the name of “A gift for Her Wifeliness” and I could follow it’s progress around the country. At this point he didn’t realize I too had purchased him a surprise gift. (I sneakily did not add his gift to TrackThis but used the app by UPS so I could keep my surprise hidden!)

The night his gift to me arrived I was sequestered to the other room so the contents of the gift could be smuggled inside. Success! A wrapped present under the tree with my name on it!

Then the following day his gift arrived and I snuck away to the other room to wrap his gift.

We were delighted to enjoy our first Christmas together, filled with love and surprises!

Merry Christmas!

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