Trail Nut 1/2 Marathon & Bald Mountain 10K

Trail Nut 13.1 4

I’ve had the pleasure of running two great trail races recently. The first race was the Bald Mountain 10K (April 27, 2013) on Candlers, part of the Liberty Mountain Trail Series. The second race was the Trail Nut 1/2 Marathon in Bedford at Falling Creek Park (May 4, 2013).

The Bald Mountain 10k was my second race of the Liberty Mountain Trail Series (LMTS) races and it was excellent. My preparation for this race proved to be just right and as a result I had a great time running this race. It felt WONDERFUL to know how much energy I could use or preserve at each point in the race. The feeling of knowing, “this hill ends soon” gave me a confidence I typically do not tap into on training runs. On a training run I find myself walking more hills because I want to “preserve” energy for a later run. I was pleasantly surprised to find I placed 2nd in my age group; 31 overall and I was the 8th female finisher with a Total Time: 59:09 and Avg Pace 9:33.


May 4, 2013 brought about my second ever trail 1/2 Marathon, this time through the Mountain Junkies Race Series. The Trail Nut 1/2 Marathon was a “long” half which meant it was 13.35 rather than 13.1. I was pleasantly surprised by many of the aspects of this race. I thought they put on a great race, the course was a 9.4 loop and a 4.95 loop, and despite the fact that we had to repeat a section of the race (including crossing the finish line at mile 9-ish, only to head back out, ugh) the scenery was great so I didn’t mind. It was so well marked! The course was varied, single track-technical and non-technical, minimal road and beautiful views. I can not say enough about the food! It was imaginative and delicious (i.e.: not dominos pizza). They even had gluten-free and dairy-free options!  I highly recommend this race!   I finished in 2:08:47.63 Avg pace 9:39!! And came in 3rd in my age group!

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