Mom and cancer

Mom’s not doing so well. She now has Stage 4 cancer and both last night and tonight her temperature has hit 100.6. Scary. 

Please hear the groans of my heart and heal her. 

Dad writes, moments later: 

Mom is weaker, and sicker than she has ever been.  This isn’t looking good.  In the past week she has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.  We have lab work at 8 am and we’ll see what they say.  She may be hospitalized, and given transfusion/s.  The Dr. suggested we take her to the ER for blood work tonight, but an hour drive over, and waiting, and exposure to everything in the ER waiting room and booths, and an hour back would make it after midnight when we got home.  8 hours probably won’t make much difference.  Her temperature spiked again at 100.6 at about8:00, but is going back down now.  She is taking antibiotics….
I don’t think Mom will take any more chemo.  Perhaps the machine Justin bought will help her.  We’ll see next week/s if it makes an improvement.  Justin is coming on Monday to set it up and begin using it.  Although because she is so weak, she may have to begin slowly.
She has scans scheduled in another week or so, to see if this is doing any good.  Her hair is gone, including eye lashes, etc.  But her strength and will to keep going are what concern me most.
Just letting you know.  We are at God’s mercy.
Lamentations 3:19-26

Help us. Do not take her so soon. Give her full and comfortable years.