DC Trip: Food

On Friday evening we met up with a couple from Lynchburg to enjoy dinner at Sweetwater Tavern. Jeremy ordered an incredible salmon dish with potatoes and genuine “potato chips”.

20130915-075311.jpgNicole’s dish was half a roasted chicken with incredible spices and potatoes. Delicious.



On Saturday and Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel (lame but economical) and coffee at a local coffee shop called Java Shack. I think one of my favorite features of traveling is local cuisine. The Java shack was a fun experience.

We spent the day in the city exploring The National Gallery of Art, an LA Galaxy vs DC United soccer game and Crate and Barrel. Interspersed throughout the day we stopped for foods!

For lunch on Saturday we found a Spanish Tapas restaurant called: La Tasca. As per our habit we chose three dishes that sounded both decadent and delicious. We were not disappointed!

20130915-075515.jpg Three tapas dishes:

A brief snapshot of a portion of the menu: Codornices Rellenas was one of the dishes we chose!

As we planned our trip to DC our 3 “musts” included eating dinner at Lebanese Taverna so this was our destination Saturday evening. By the time we arrived at our destination, my phone was almost dead and our feet were pretty numb from our excessive amounts of walking. I ‘might’ have almost fallen asleep at the table.

I chose the Chef’s sampler of a variety of Lebanese dishes and Jeremy chose a lamb dish that was phenomenal. The bread dip was thyme and sesame seed. We do love a delectable bread dip!

IMG 0347

IMG 0348

The ambiance and decor was incredibly peaceful and we had probably the best service we’ve ever had in a restaurant. IMG 0350

IMG 0352

IMG 0353


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