DC Trip: NGA Sculptures

I’m so delighted and amazed by the work of artists. I can’t even begin to fathom how one starts with a piece of rock or slab of stone and chips and chisels away at it until a form emerges. And to create a form that appears to move is even more breathtaking.

I love the imagery in this piece by Rogers, her face, how she listens, the movement of her dress, her walking stick. There’s so much motion and intensity to her stance. The marble looks so soft and smooth. I really wanted to touch it.

IMG 4003

IMG 4004

This next piece has such power, raw intensity, and aggression to it. I’m awed by the power of the big cats. The strength in their muscles, but also the speed of the antelope. The times I’ve read about both animals I’m amazed at how God designed the cycle of their lives to coincide and coexist beautifully. The taking of life gives life to the consumer.

IMG 4006

IMG 4007

The God of the universe holds me in His hands. I can’t imagine how big God’s hands are, but I love the beauty conveyed in this sculpture of God’s hands being larger than my frame and holding me.

IMG 4010

IMG 4011

IMG 4012

IMG 4013IMG 4014

This next piece is a favorite of both Jeremy and myself.

IMG 4019

There are many more sculptures that we enjoyed that aren’t pictured, but honestly, these images do not even convey the majesty that is seeing these pieces for yourself.

If you haven’t been to NGA before we highly recommend going!

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