Home Tech

I receive frequent questions about arranging a great home tech setup. It’s such great fun to map out a great setup and see it come together. A recent question provided a good opportunity to put down some thoughts. A good layout will need a few positions to fill.

  1. Each person in the home will have as a first device a mobile with data plan. 
  2. Each person in the home will have as a second device a laptop.
  3. Next, an excellent router (modem and internet provider assumed but not required). 
  4. Large screen, preferably an LED LCD. 
  5. Speakers. High quality computer speakers will work because the digital level (currently storage level) isn’t beyond them yet really. 
  6. The home setup will then include a living room device. Possible devices include the following: 
    1. Apple TV
    2. Roku box
    3. Boxee box
    4. WDTV
    5. Chromecast
    6. XBox
    7. Or a device running Plex or XBMC like Taffy Media Center (a jailbroken Apple TV will do this as well). Quickly followed by…
  7. …a home server. This should be a reliable and discreet desktop on which digital media, projects and photos can be stored to stream to the living room device, remove CDs and DVDs from the house and move content around to the other devices. The excellent home server also allows the laptops, mobile devices and tablet to be a lower size and less expensive. 
  8. The next device would then be a tablet of some kind. This is used as an ebook reader, a gaming device and for casual couch browsing. 
  9. This is followed by additional speakers for the house, lighting controls and thermostat. 
  10. Then security arrangements in future plans, such as cameras and locks. 

I think these are laid out in order of importance and value provided.

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