10 Miler race, 40th Anniversary of the 10 miler

I remembered today why I don’t race the 10 miler.

IMG 4154

Okay,  the non-running parts of today were pretty awesome. It was incredible to see and run with so many of my friends. My outfit looked great. The weather was PERFECT 55 degrees. It was sunny and cool throughout and then became chilly at the end.

I think the best part about today was running with several of the girls in my running group! We all met up with each other at various points during the race and it was incredible to have encouragement throughout.

IMG 0462

My body just fell apart. My shoes were too loose, my neck was still a bit tight and then my hip tightened at around mile 8 and that made every step agony. My stomach didn’t like the stress I put it through over the last week, and I had an up-and-down eating habits/patterns as a result, the bottoms of my feet hurt intensely, and I was probably dehydrated which all led to- not a fun experience.

IMG 0466

I finished in 1:29:03 (unofficial) and while I admit, that’s a pretty nice time. It wasn’t my goal. My goal for the day was sub 1:26:00 and preferably sub 1:20:00. I think I need to hit the track again. I do benefit from speed work!IMG 0473

The crowd support was incredible. There were so many people cheering.

IMG 0476

Poor Kelly Clarkson singing Stronger in my ear didn’t even make me move faster! After I hobbled up the final hill I quickly sought out the massage tent. She worked my sore, tight, angry muscles out until I could move without majorly whimpering.

IMG 0475

I did whimper my way back to the car and might have walked backwards up the hill to where we parked. (but there are no pics, so we’ll say it didn’t happen).

IMG 4162

All in all, I’ve decided if I ever sign up for the Virginia 10 miler/4 miler again, it will be as a 4 miler participant. That way, I’ll get to see my friends. I’ll get to run the most popular race in Lynchburg, and I’ll be happy, delighted and excited at the end.IMG 0481

I’ll have a great race next time!

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