Poplar Forest 5k

Yesterday Jeremy and I attended the 3rd annual Poplar Forest 5K and children’s run. It was a chilly (but warmer than last year) wet morning.

IMG 4259

I love the drive into Poplar Forest. I love the history of this beautiful land.IMG 4278

For some reason I forgot to pull out my camera phone while we were driving in, oh well. We have beautiful images from last year’s race somewhere.

IMG 4260

A week ago Friday I rolled my ankle while running trails in the dark. (I’m not blaming the dark for my ‘fall’, although I *might* blame my awesome new headlamp for the false sense of security and amazing illumination).

IMG 4282

Understandably, as the rolling resulted in a sprained ankle I felt it was best to sit this one out.

IMG 4268

Jeremy however was able to participate. I was his biggest fan at the race.

IMG 4269

He finished with sub 8 minute miles. He blew away his previous year’s time. Woohoo! I’m so proud of him.

IMG 4280

Next year Poplar Forest… I’ll break my 5K PR.

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