Pot Stickers- An Alton Brown Good Eats

We decided to cook a new recipe today. We watched the episode of Good Eats for the recipe and went out to the shops!IMG_0166.JPG

The recipe calls for chopped bell pepper- we chose yellow- the episode indicates red… not sure if it matters.

I found the wonton wrappers at our local Oriental and $.99 store- always a fun adventure!IMG_0168.JPG

To make the pot stickers  you have to wet two adjoining sides of the wrapper.IMG_0167.JPG

After you fill up each little wrapper you do some awesome origami folding technique… look it’s a bird!IMG_0169.JPG

Pan fry the tasty treats…IMG_0171.JPG

Eat way more of these little delights than you ever imagine you would…IMG_0170.JPG