Roses; Vincent van Gogh

Jeremy buys me roses, okay, flowers of any kind, and I like them. A lot.

I like him, A LOT.


One of the first presents he bought me was a bouquet of roses. He hid them and had me go find them. That was a sweet surprise, a birthday surprise. They were a peachy, pink color.

When he told me he wanted to marry me he presented me with a single long stemmed red rose.

When I was sick one time he gave me lots of petite yellow roses.

On our wedding day I carried a bouquet of white roses. We were married in a rose garden.

mink wedding finals-111

He has sent me roses on multiple occasions, and other flowers too, and I like them all.


One time, our anniversary fell on Mother’s day. He surprised me by having roses delivered to my office. The delivery guy handed them to me and said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” I replied, “For me, it’s Happy Anniversary, and thank you!”


We like having flowers in our home.


This year for my birthday he surprised me with two dozen pink roses from Ecuador. They were supposed to be delivered Thursday, and then the snowpocalypse2016 hit. So they were delivered on Tuesday. They’re still beautiful.


We like having flowers in our home. This print by Van Gogh (you kind of have to growl and get all throaty when you say that) reminds me of the bouquet I carried on our wedding day and the many other times he’s given me flowers. It also makes me think of having a beautiful home, with Jeremy.


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