The Houses of Parliament, Sunset Claude Monet

The Houses of Parliament at sunset is one of a set of scenes that Claude Monet painted. I don’t know if it was a personal challenge to him, if he just really enjoyed this view or if it was a task given to him by an instructor, whatever the case this is the one I like best.


I’ve always been a fan of watching sunsets and sunrises. Growing up in Michigan I got to see some incredible sunsets over Lake Michigan. In college out my dorm window I was also able to see breathtaking sunsets over the Blue Ridge Mountains. One year I lived in Jacksonville, FL and made a point to drive out to the ocean to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean- beautiful. While Jeremy and I were in Hawaii we watched both the sun set and rise over the island of Oahu and the Pacific Ocean- so serene.

London is definitely on my list of places I must enjoy, so this piece is a reminder to travel! Also, I love this piece because there’s an individual on a boat in the water enjoying the same scene the artist can see. I love the shadows and the light. This is a very peaceful scene to me. The closing of the day, the world at rest.

Again, here’s another impressionist piece that snuck into my preferences! I love the reflection on the water of the building, and the setting sun. I love the colors that light up the sky. God’s the master artist in this scene and Monet is catching a glimmer of the majesty.

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