Devices and Watch Wearing

I’m a watch wearer. I saved up one summer 20 years ago to purchase a very nice watch. Appropriately, GoldenEye with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond released around that time period in August 1995. I wasn’t making much money at the time and the time I took to save and purchase a beautiful, functional, well-crafted item was just a rewarding experience. I still have that watch today and it is still mostly functional, with a nice patina, some scratches and a bit less reliability.
Years later in 2011 as I began to realize I’d taken too much of a break from my running, soccer and lifelong fitness levels, I purchased Jawbone’s newly released fitness and activity tracker the UP band. It doesn’t tell time and looks a little goofy but the purchase and use began to encourage me to work out, move and become more healthy. I enjoyed wearing it all day and initiating the run feature. It encouraged me enough that I eventually began running consistently again and began to become more and more healthy. I began to realize that I wanted more capabilities or the next level of motivation.
I purchased the Garmin FR220. It was definitely activewear only and enabled me to track and sync with my iPhone and view the map and elevation results from my runs. This was particularly enjoyable in the mountain trails surrounding Lynchburg, where we lived at the time.
Then the Apple Watch was introduced. The everyday wear capability of the UP and much of the capability of the Garmin would be included, despite no GPS, while providing a much more stylish look. This would be especially enabled with the use of more than one band, at least one for workouts and one for everyday wear. It seemed to me a wonderful combination of the previous three devices. I sold my Garmin and purchased the larger Watch (not Sport) edition when first released.
I still love it many many months later. It encourages me and tracks my runs like the Garmin did. It encourages me to be active like the UP did. It is a stylish Bond worthy accessory like my old watch was. Additionally, it adds in the technical capabilities that I’ve so enjoyed with notifications, heart rate and many more features. I’ll look forward to the upgrade sometime later this year but meanwhile, I’ll keep working out and enjoying my watch.

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