Nicole Mink by Hope Mink

I wish desperately that you could have the honor of meeting my mother-in-law/love. She was one of the most beautiful, godly, kind and strong women I’ve had the pleasure to know and love. She is in heaven now, dancing, singing and praising Jesus with a healthy body. 

Hope was a phenomenally gifted artist. I have a few hand drawn cards from her that I treasure dearly. She was gifted in creating art in several mediums. As Jeremy and I contemplated the pieces of art we wanted on our wall(s), we considered the pieces we were drawn to and somehow we stumbled on the idea to ask Momma Hope to make an original piece for our home. 

Jeremy and I asked her to make a drawing for us. We took a few photos, sent them to her and asked her to do her version of Head of a Woman, Leonardo da Vinci .

When we went to see her during her last days she was very insistent that we take with us this treasured piece. (Forgive the glare, I’ll eventually improve the photo to better represent this beautiful gift.)

We are so grateful to have this beautiful reminder of her love and influence in our lives.

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