Her remake of last night’s recipe

I realize that a good portion of my posts about Cook Smarts might sound like a sales pitch, (and let’s be honest, I’d totally appreciate a remuneration package for my advertising), but that’s not the case. This subscription service has revolutionized our week nights and my hope in sharing this is that someone else will benefit as well.

Most of the meals are 30-45 minutes from start to plating and every single meal uses fresh ingredients (and sometimes frozen, boxed or canned, as well. I haven’t gone off the deep end!). I’ve made my own seasoning mixes, my own salad dressings, salad mixes and the list goes on. My confidence in the kitchen is skyrocketing. This isn’t to say that every dish has turned out perfectly or that we’ve loved every single meal, but we’ve enjoyed a majority.

Take tonight’s meal for example. I had chicken thighs thawing in the fridge and since tonight wasn’t an “authentic Cook Smarts” night I was going to do something really simple. However, newly inspired with last night’s dish I decided to do a variation on the meal and repeat it! The only thing I changed was using peas instead of the avocado and orange salad for the side. To be fair, a post from Cook Smarts today inspired my creativity. They shared a “cooking mad libs” post about the “secret” formula for many of their dishes and encouraged making your own substitutions. You can find this post on facebook or in their articles.

I felt so empowered to make a creative meal to enjoy in my home! Full disclosure, I love pinterest, I have a fantastic “on the menu” board. I have every intention of cooking through my list, but I’ve been burned too many times with untested or just-plain-bad recipes. I had every intention of making out my own menus and creatively cooking meals, but I had a lot of emotional investment in A) the meal turning out perfect, B) hoping my husband would love it, C) that I would love it, that I crippled myself before beginning. Now I have the perfect excuse to try new foods, recipes etc that have been tested so as long as I can follow directions the meals will turn out.

We’re learning a lot through this process. We’re trying dishes we may never have experienced and learning we do like green eggs and ham sometimes! (Okay, that was just my Dr. Seuss humor sneaking out.)

Thanks for following along on my cooking adventures. If you decide to sign up, let me know, I’m excited to have more people enjoying their kitchens and dining experiences!

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