Coq au Vin 

After years of cooking together we are much braver when it comes to seemingly intimidating dishes. Coq au Vin sounds like a very impressive and intimidating so we tackled it this weekend. After we went shopping on Saturday we realized that the dish would need to marinate in the fridge overnight so we decided we would prep it together on Sunday afternoon and I would cook it for dinner Monday night.

This dish is involved. I think that’s why it seems intimidating. There’s an aromatics portion, the chicken is coated in flour and then pan fried, and preparatory steps for ingredients needed the following day.

The recipe calls for two full bottles of Pinot Noir in the sauce, but I’m pretty convinced that some in a glass goes quite well with the meal rather than cooking all the wine. And on that note, a better quality Pinot Noir for the non-cooking portion is recommended.  
Honestly, in our humble opinion, after making this dish only once, we were not a fan of the floured chicken. We would prefer a non breaded version if we make this dish again.  

It certainly looked yummy before we soaked it in wine!

Alton Brown’s Coq au Vin video   Oh, these aromatics! Yum!

You cook the mushrooms, pearl onions (we substituted sweet yellow onions because our grocery store was fresh out of pearls), and lardon (what? we used bacon) and then refrigerate them to use in the sauce the next day. (In the background of the image below).

Original Recipe
  After I pulled it out of the oven, it did not look pretty but it smelled fantastic.

At this point in the recipe you strain out everything you see below, retain the chicken, cook down the fluids, add in the mushroom/onion/bacon mix to the reduced liquid and you are ready for a plate!img_3859

I didn’t take a picture of the plating because it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. He recommends you serve it over egg noodles, I used bread and that was pretty yummy.

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