Happy Anniversary

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Five years ago today we gathered in a garden to commit our lives to each other before God and witnesses. Our rose garden was gorgeous. All of the flowers were blooming, it was truly magical, as if God himself acted as our gardener.

Before our ceremony, Jeremy and I visited the garden a few times to make sure it was beautiful. I remember someone asking if we would be decorating our ‘venue.’ As we were getting married in a garden, I answered, “no, there would be no need”.

Then every year on our anniversary, while we lived in Lynchburg, we would head down to the rose garden to re-visit our ceremony location. Every year I remember wondering if I imagined how beautiful the garden looked on our wedding day, because every year after the blooms were so few.

I’m so grateful for the gift of a beautiful garden for our wedding day.

I’ve been reminded today about activities in gardens in Scripture.

The first love story: Adam and Eve- they met and were married in a garden, the Garden of Eden

The greatest love story: Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane and his journey to the cross began at the garden.

In Revelation there will be a new garden and there will be the river of the water of life and the tree of life in this garden. I love how God gives us images that we can connect to in part, even if we only have the shadow or a faint echo of the image until He fully reveals his plan. I have no idea how beautiful this new garden will look. I know that the previous images of gardens and beauty will pale in comparison.

I’m so grateful our story has a strong connection to a beautiful garden and I am greatly anticipating the day where I’ll attend the marriage feast of the Lamb and enjoy the beautiful garden when He makes all things new.

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