50 Meal Celebration

Today I made my 50th meal with Cook Smarts! I feel like I deserve a badge! Or maybe I should get a new apron? Something to commemorate this incredible accomplishment.

A few years ago I set a goal to cook 40 new to me things. My intent was to create a set of interchangeable sides, main dishes, and vegetable concoctions. I desired to build meal plans seamlessly that would be nutritious, delicious and filling. I wanted to be able to put something on the table in about 30 minutes or less. That year, I think I made it to 12 new recipes and my husband was primarily cooking dinner most evenings.

The next year I set my goal at 20, reasonable expectations and all. That year, I might have made it to 16, or something like that. Again the next year I set the goal again, this time I surpassed it, but my husband was still making a majority of the dinner meals.

To my credit, I mill my own wheat and make bread from scratch, pasta from scratch, have a slam-dunk ragu recipe, a taco soup recipe that pleases the Texan in our home and have several hummus recipes that have incited marriage proposals. Throughout our dating relationship, engagement and marriage we set a fun tradition of cooking interesting or amazing meals together on the weekends. I knew I wasn’t inept in the kitchen. However, until recently my husband has been primarily the week night chef.

Back in February my friend Stephanie introduced me to Cook Smarts. I made my first meal on February 21, 2016. Life-changing-moment.

Tonight I made my fiftieth meal. I’ve struggled to adequately convey the boost to my confidence in the kitchen. On the Cook Smarts website they say, “We’re here to empower you with the know-how and tools to live your best life in the kitchen because a simple home cooked meal can be the source of greater health, happiness, and community.”

I genuinely anticipated that after my three month subscription ended I would be ready to move on and recreate the Cook Smarts experience solo. I certainly did not expect I would happily sign up for the annual subscription. I never intended to be a prolific ambassador for this company, but y’all… it works. Their system, program, subscription is incredible.

One of the first things I do on Thursday mornings is check the Cook Smarts website for the menu for the following week. Sometimes Jeremy and I are a bit skeptical about the menu, “cauliflower rice”? But every single time my expectations are overridden by a very fun try.

An unexpected benefit is the online community. The Facebook private group of Kitchen Heroes is one of the most positive places on the internet. Someone will express a kind word about a dish you felt particularly unsuccessful. Another cook will ask a question and immediately receive at least five helpful suggestions. One Kitchen Hero will have something odd happen and immediately, the community is there to help.

I have been impressed over and over and OVER again by this company. Their customer service experience is out of this world. They claim to be Kitchen Cheerleaders and they fulfill this role superbly.

It is so much more than a meal plan, a menu, cooking instructions or recipe guide. It is a community of like minded individuals who want healthier lives for everyone they meet. I am so delighted to participate.


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