On Traveling part 1

Jeremy and I have spent the last year and a half living a life that includes a heavy amount of travels. I’ve put together some thoughts and ideas after having traveled to all of the locations we’ve experienced.

Together we’ve flown to:
Texas (a few times)
New York

Additionally he’s traveled to:

Also we’ve driven to:
West Virginia
Washington DC

Hands down our favorite recommendation if someone is going to fly more than twice a year: you want TSA pre-check. Each of these flights require a minimum of two times through security and if you get a magical layover like Newark (for example) you get a bonus trip through security.

TSA pre check:

After my third time through security with TSA pre-check I was ready to say it is worth the money. If you only fly once a year, perhaps you may decide to pass on this opportunity, but for the two of us-game on! (Side note: I’ve worked in the behavioral, mental health and educational environments so I’ve been fingerprinted and had more background checks than I can count and my husband has also had to go through the background checks and fingerprint rigmarole so, one more time with obvious benefits, sign us up!)

I’ve kept my shoes on, yay(!), my leather boots with buckles made me eligible for the “random screening” surface test, but my hunter boots worked just fine while walking through the detector. I also wore my jewelry and kept my belt on! This spared me the oh so fantastic getting dressed in public at the airport everyone has equated with travel! I also love that I don’t have to pull out my laptop every time I go through security.

Also, the lines are shorter(!!). Let me say that again, the lines are shorter!! I have a little bit of anxiety about not making it through security and missing my flights so having those few extra, less stressful minutes are blissful!

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