Annual Account Security Checkup

So a bunch of my tech friends are doing their annual account check up this week.
It’s a great time for a once a year check on your accounts, particularly your Apple and Google accounts:

  1. Apple ID []
    • check devices and remove old devices
    • confirm 2 factor authentication is on
    • check app specific passwords and revoke where appropriate
  2. Google []
    • Security – Get Started
    • 2 factor authentication is a good idea
    • Check devices and app-specific passwords, revoking where appropriate
  3. Double check your backups are up to date. (Because you definitely back things up.)
    • iPhone iCloud backup is up to date in Settings – Apple ID at the top – iCloud – iCloud Backup
    • mac OS Time Machine dropdown – “Last Backup… ”
  4. Check Watchtower in 1Password. (You do use 1Password, right? Or similar like Dashlane?)
    • Check the Watchtower category and change potentially breached passwords
    • Check Weak Passwords category
    • Check Duplicate Passwords category
  5. Check any other accounts you consider important, such as social media accounts with similar settings or bank accounts.
    • Facebook []
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • etc

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