The new iBooks to Books update for iOS 12 is excellent and here’s why I love it.

The new Books app has changed how the flow of books moves and as a reader, you may find iOS 12 to be a brilliant update.
Previously in iBooks, I kept a couple of collections I called Next and Now Reading and moved things around based upon these seemingly obvious criteria. Next included items I was interested or excited about checking out someday maybe. Now Reading included everything opened recently and what I would immediately be reading say, this week.
The new Books has its own currently open, Recent, Want To Read, and crucially, Finished collections. Recent is automatically updated with books opened and paged through to some undefined (as yet) but useful point. In this category I am actively using the books and have not marked them as Finished. Daily use revolves around the currently open book and Recent.
The Want To Read collection includes items I expect to read this week or at least this month and gives the new Books landing page with currently open, Recent, and Want To Read more excitement, immediacy, and even urgency. This also allows me to use the Next collection as exclusively my someday maybe category. I’ve removed the Now Reading collection and rely on the landing page with currently open, Recent, and Want To Read with much more delight.
Perhaps most importantly, as you reach the last page in a book there is a Finished button. Tapping this adds the book to the Finished collection creating a lovely, satisfying timeline of books read. This may be the best update of a great set of changes. The answer to “What have you been reading lately?” is immediately and gratifyingly answered.
Once I open the book, the experience is very similar. One subtle change is the shift to opening into the more fullscreen mode immediately. The bookmark, contents, and progress bar, as well as the time and iOS menu bar, are hidden. Previously you would need to tap once to hide rather than tap once to show. This is a subtle improvement but is a design change meant for someone who actually READS in Books. Together with the significant improvement to the reading workflow in Books, as a reader, I am delighted with the update to Books in iOS 12.
And for a bonus feature, these changes are set within the update to Screen Time features added to iOS 12. The weekly summary now shows Books at the top of my most used apps consistently and the feeling of reaching for my iPhone X now is demonstrably for using Books for this many hours this week and with this list of Finished books in Books. Satisfying. In fact, I have a good book; I think I’ll get back to it.

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