On Traveling Part 5: What I like having with me on the plane and at the airport.

18 months of travel* and these items are worth having in my carry-on

In the airports and on the plane:
1 I prefer drinking orange juice (or other juices on an airplane), my body can always enjoy more vitamins!
2 Wet wipes- why are airplanes always so gross?
3 Crunchy snacks- in case I need to pop my ears. Kind bars- because avoiding hanger is always wise.
4 Eye mask & ear plugs
5 Fully loaded phone/tablet (tv shows, audiobooks, books, non-wi-fi dependent games)
6 Kleenex
7 Ginger chews- stomach settling.
8 A Sweater Wrap- lightweight, easily transportable and unless you fly first class getting a blanket isn’t always possible.
9 Noise canceling headphones- even if I don’t want to listen to music having the option to have silence on an airplane is amazing.
10 Socks

You may be surprised that my list doesn’t include a full change of clothes and specific toiletries items. Well I’ve found that all necessary items are easily replaceable and the times my luggage has actually gone missing were so infrequent this was never necessary.

*domestic only

What do you like having with you on the airplane and in the airport?


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