On Traveling Part 6-Apps

After 18 months of domestic travel we found some things out, tested them well and decided to share our findings.

Apps to use in a new city
1 OpenTable- dinner reservations- knowing there will be a table for you at a restaurant you want to investigate is delightful.
2 Triposo – learning about interesting activities happening in a destination
3 Yelp – food, activities, current updates on restaurants so you don’t drive out of your way in an unfamiliar town to find a cool restaurant is closed.
4 Waze – travel is hard, traffic problems can be reduced by having a great navigation app that’ll help you avoid problem areas.
5 DarkSky – the best weather app we’ve found with awesome alerts about changing conditions

Apps while in the airport/airplane
1 Individual airlines app with adding my boarding pass to the phone’s wallet
2 iFly- airport guides
3 App in the air- distance/time to landing
4 Kindle- off-line reading
5 iBooks – off-line reading

Apps for Travels
1 Rental car apps
2 Tripit
3 Hotel apps

What apps do you love using while traveling?


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