His TSL Scout Badge: Land Nav

I printed a map of White Ranch Park near Golden, CO and plotted 6 points using MGRS coordinates and with my compass, including setting point 1 as the trailhead. I purchased a military protractor but a proper compass has the necessary tools that a military protractor has and will be the device I carry in the field as part of my 10 Essentials. I measured the distance in kilometers and the direct bearing between each plot point using my compass but did not perform routefinding prior to the event, believing that was not part of the requirements (or was just expected in the field).
I did a one night backpacking trip, incorporating the land navigation requirements at White Ranch Park near Golden, CO. I used the printed map, compass, and ranger beads to measure distance. From the trailhead (point 1), I navigated directly to my campsite, point 2, with a 35lb pack, 2.5km. I set up camp and proceeded to point 3, 4 (a beautiful view), 5, and 6, before returning to the campsite, point 2, for a total of 5km. The next morning, I returned from camp, point 2, to the trailhead, point 1, directly and off trail, another 2.5km, for a total of 10km. Because the intent of the requirements for the challenge are performing navigation, rather than more complicated routefinding, the actual distances were significantly different than the direct map measurements and trails were used where going off trail was unwise or there was private land, as might be expected from a scout in the field.

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