The hb.

A brother has a birthday today and this year I’m debating whether to give gifts. I have in the past and have even tried the Christmas all year round approach where I gave gifts to all my brothers on each of their birthdays. It was fun. Somehow it doesn’t seem to fit me, or us, this year. Does everyone still give gifts, even later on when childishness has been put away?

(from my HTC Mogul)

EPL February 9th and 10th

The upcoming match between Derby (20th of 20) and the Tottenham Hotspurs (11th) looks like a fun, high-scoring game for Tottenham. Derby is not only struggling to defend, but also the injury list is longer than the match roster. In addition, Tottenham’s affinity for scoring suggests it’s going to be a rough day in Derby. But entertaining for me. My call: Tottenham 5-0 over Derby.

Manchester City have a good chance against Manchester United with suspensions and injuries hurting Sir Alex’s roster. We may even see the 17 year old Danny Welbeck on the pitch for MU. Still, home game for them, so I’m sure MU will pull it out. My call: MU 1-0 over MC. But with Tevez, Giggs and Christina still in and at home, if they score 1, the floodgates may open as we’ve often seen from MU.

Liverpool’s my team. And they’re going to lost to Chelsea Sunday. Torres is out, as well as Voronin and a few others. Benayoun and Babel and Gerrard are still there, but it’s sort of like having last year’s team in…which wasn’t quite good enough. I’m sure the defense will show up and perform well for them but the Red’s have to score to win. And Chelsea’s bound to score. However much I might wish otherwise. My call: Liverpool down 1-2 to Chelsea. Nooooo!

(dramatic pause)

I discovered this morning that there are no cup holders in my car.
After I got in with my Panera coffee in hand.
You can picture the dramatic pause that followed.

From there it went sort of like this:
(turn to the right)
(turn back to the left)
(think about the back seat)
(turn to look at the back seat)
Uh, no. Pretty. And no.
(check the center console again)
(think about holding it between my legs…while working the clutch)
This went on for some time.

It was sort of like German engineer saying drive. Don’t drink. Drive. Translation: ‘fahrt’. Uh. Fahren Sie Auto? While drinking? Nein!

It’s finally Friday!

What a long week. And to counteract it’s effects, I picked up those delicious cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera this morning for the bank and, coupled with an invigorating drive in my new antique classic BMW in this beautiful weather, makes today very ‘Yay for Friday’! I’ve decided that this car looks like it’s driven by someone with a library. Which it is. Probably a fan of Ron Paul. Which it is. I’ll download his Liberty convo talk a bit later today. The most amusing thing I’ve come across today is the recent ‘thefts’ of vehicles in Scotland. The owners awake to discover their keys oddly placed or notice a sudden increase in mileage. Apparently the thieves take the vehicle for a spin… and then return it. At least 8 instances have occurred recently. Now why didn’t I think of that? And what kind of car would I take for the night?


I now drive an old BMW. “Why?” you ask?
1. It has oxblood leather seats. Think ‘gentleman’s club’.
2. Sunroof.
3. The woman who smiled first at the car and then me at the pumps.
4. Cash.
5. The old couple who smiled first at the car and then me while at the pumps.
6. Did I mention oxblood leather seats?
7. Driver’s car. Five speed. Straight six. 2.7L. The electrics are dodgy, but lasts forever.

(from my HTC Mogul)