I now drive an old BMW. “Why?” you ask?
1. It has oxblood leather seats. Think ‘gentleman’s club’.
2. Sunroof.
3. The woman who smiled first at the car and then me at the pumps.
4. Cash.
5. The old couple who smiled first at the car and then me while at the pumps.
6. Did I mention oxblood leather seats?
7. Driver’s car. Five speed. Straight six. 2.7L. The electrics are dodgy, but lasts forever.

(from my HTC Mogul)


Test drove the Jag this morning.

It’s my first post and should probably therefore be called my first post

And I think for my first post, I’ll post my weekend activities. I went to DC and did and saw some great things, like the Great Hall in the Library of Congress.

And those stairs go up to the observation deck of the reading room in this pic:

But the pics don’t do it justice.

And then saw this Saturday afternoon:
At this IMAX theatre:

And then ate here Saturday evening:

It’s called the Lebanese Taverna. We ordered 6 or 7 small dishes of wonderful food, like some lamb kabob. So tender. And we had a dish that included yogurt and mint leaves and nuts. And it was exotically wonderful.