Dr Who: Rosa


goodness. Such a phenomenal episode.


Left Hand aftermath. Nicole’s bourbon barrel aged beer was the best. Missed Ste(f).

The Post fried chicken picnic at Bootstrap with Josh and Kyle.

On Traveling Part 4: Day of!

After 18 months of travel we learned some things. Here’s what we like to do on the day of travel to make sure our travels and return are delightful!

Day of:
1 Take a shower! Wear deodorant! You will never regret taking this step. You and your seat mates will despair if you skip this step.
2 Grab your chargers from wherever you keep your devices overnight!
3 Clear out the fridge of anything that may cause an odor.
4 Take out the trash!
5 Wash any dirty dishes or throw everything in the dishwasher and run it.
6 Make sure your house is just the way you want it (blinds, lights on timers, unplugged appliances, etc).
7 Put fresh sheets on the bed- it’s so nice to come home to a fresh bed.
8 Water all the plants.
9 Grab your travel car mount and charger out of your vehicle so you can use it in your rental car.
10 Take a picture of where you parked.
11 Plan a specific location to keep your receipts and put your parking ticket in this location.

What do you like doing the day of travels?

First Class

I was reminded today about my first time teaching.

In a snowstorm.

In a pool.

On a stand up paddle board.

With a deaf client.

After that auspicious beginning I felt prepared for anything.

10+ months later I still love it.