Snow Days Call For Drinks In Both Hands

Coffee and hot cider. Our new KS doesn’t carry Starbucks hot cocoa! Horror!


First Boulder Snowstorm!

Oh the weather outside is frightful.

The Sky Is On Fire!

After 5 days of gloomy and overcast and minimal sightings of the sun… you’d better believe we soaked up every ounce of light today.

The Price isn’t Right

I really really really like saving money. A good deal, awesome coupons, free stuff (that I actually want)… sign. me. up.

So I tried the white bottles. At a fraction of the cost of the real stuff. And in this case, well you get what you pay for (or rather didn’t pay for) unfortunately.

The conditioner is awful in that it leaves my hair a tangled mess and the shampoo doesn’t smell as good as the real deal. I’ve used most of the conditioner, because dangit that’s just how shampoo/conditioner pairs work. But I’m giving the rest away. #longhair

Real Paul Mitchell products from here on out. I’ve been convinced the imitation is not the real deal.