Charlottesville Anniversary Travels

We traveled to Charlottesville today for our Anniversary! But also we picked up a beautiful full length mirror for our home. It’s fantastic. We picked up a tool set as well to work on a little computer job I had to work on from Deborah at The Madeline Centre. We had lunch at Burton’s Grill, a new place just off 29; delicious lunch.¬†

When we returned from our hair raising mirror transportation experience, we dressed up and headed to Dish for a lovely dinner with an excellent glass of wine. She looked fantastic in her long dark blue dress. Wayne saw us post about being there and came by to say hey. We walked around Monument Terrace and visited the Elder Rose Garden where our wedding ceremony was performed. It was a good day. 

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First Christmas… by Nicole

Christmas has come and gone with no snow in Lynchburg, VA and this newlywed is quite sad. We had a delightful holiday full of laughter and surprises. This year, in our attempt to learn more about each other we chose to have a primarily surprise-free Christmas, between the two of us. (We of course planned out many surprises for friends and family alike). I knew I would want presents to open Christmas day, so even though I knew the contents of the two boxes under the tree meant for me, I chose to wrap them without opening the shipping boxes. (yay Amazon Prime!)

About a week before Christmas arrived, my excellent husband sent me a message inquiring if we had stretch room in our Christmas budget; specifically with regards to gifts to each other, because he wanted to get me a surprise gift! I enjoy surprises so much! He has great taste, so I was sure I would enjoy the gift! It also freed me to select the item I had wanted to purchase for him as a surprise! Woohoo!

We love Apple and Google products and on both of our iPhones we use TrackThis with a website feature through where we can login to our joint google account and follow packages we buy. My excellent husband had entered a package by the name of “A gift for Her Wifeliness” and I could follow it’s progress around the country. At this point he didn’t realize I too had purchased him a surprise gift. (I sneakily did not add his gift to TrackThis but used the app by UPS so I could keep my surprise hidden!)

The night his gift to me arrived I was sequestered to the other room so the contents of the gift could be smuggled inside. Success! A wrapped present under the tree with my name on it!

Then the following day his gift arrived and I snuck away to the other room to wrap his gift.

We were delighted to enjoy our first Christmas together, filled with love and surprises!

Merry Christmas!

Our Wedding Day

Thank you for joining us on our journey of marriage!

We had a small private ceremony in Lynchburg with our immediate family on Wednesday May 11, 2011.

The Lynchburg, VA reception/housewarming was Saturday, June 25th 4-7pm at our new apartment.

The Michigan reception was Saturday, July 16, 2011 starting at 6pm at the home of Rick and Paula Humphrey.

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