Poplar Forest 5k

Yesterday Jeremy and I attended the 3rd annual Poplar Forest 5K and children’s run. It was a chilly (but warmer than last year) wet morning.

IMG 4259

I love the drive into Poplar Forest. I love the history of this beautiful land.IMG 4278

For some reason I forgot to pull out my camera phone while we were driving in, oh well. We have beautiful images from last year’s race somewhere.

IMG 4260

A week ago Friday I rolled my ankle while running trails in the dark. (I’m not blaming the dark for my ‘fall’, although I *might* blame my awesome new headlamp for the false sense of security and amazing illumination).

IMG 4282

Understandably, as the rolling resulted in a sprained ankle I felt it was best to sit this one out.

IMG 4268

Jeremy however was able to participate. I was his biggest fan at the race.

IMG 4269

He finished with sub 8 minute miles. He blew away his previous year’s time. Woohoo! I’m so proud of him.

IMG 4280

Next year Poplar Forest… I’ll break my 5K PR.

10 Miler race, 40th Anniversary of the 10 miler

I remembered today why I don’t race the 10 miler.

IMG 4154

Okay,  the non-running parts of today were pretty awesome. It was incredible to see and run with so many of my friends. My outfit looked great. The weather was PERFECT 55 degrees. It was sunny and cool throughout and then became chilly at the end.

I think the best part about today was running with several of the girls in my running group! We all met up with each other at various points during the race and it was incredible to have encouragement throughout.

IMG 0462

My body just fell apart. My shoes were too loose, my neck was still a bit tight and then my hip tightened at around mile 8 and that made every step agony. My stomach didn’t like the stress I put it through over the last week, and I had an up-and-down eating habits/patterns as a result, the bottoms of my feet hurt intensely, and I was probably dehydrated which all led to- not a fun experience.

IMG 0466

I finished in 1:29:03 (unofficial) and while I admit, that’s a pretty nice time. It wasn’t my goal. My goal for the day was sub 1:26:00 and preferably sub 1:20:00. I think I need to hit the track again. I do benefit from speed work!IMG 0473

The crowd support was incredible. There were so many people cheering.

IMG 0476

Poor Kelly Clarkson singing Stronger in my ear didn’t even make me move faster! After I hobbled up the final hill I quickly sought out the massage tent. She worked my sore, tight, angry muscles out until I could move without majorly whimpering.

IMG 0475

I did whimper my way back to the car and might have walked backwards up the hill to where we parked. (but there are no pics, so we’ll say it didn’t happen).

IMG 4162

All in all, I’ve decided if I ever sign up for the Virginia 10 miler/4 miler again, it will be as a 4 miler participant. That way, I’ll get to see my friends. I’ll get to run the most popular race in Lynchburg, and I’ll be happy, delighted and excited at the end.IMG 0481

I’ll have a great race next time!

Percival’s Island 5 Miler

Jeremy and I ran the Percival’s Island 5 miler today in downtown Lynchburg on the Blackwater Creek bike path! I do love the Lynchburg Road Runner’s race series… I do NOT love running in 90 degree weather at 8 am, but… we made it work!

Jeremy and I have started a good habit of finishing one race and asking, “when’s the next one so we can sign up?” We signed up for this race the same day we finished the Presbyterian Homes 5K. Our other fun habit is signing up to get two shirts in my size 😉 it makes bib pick up a bit more entertaining 🙂 but I get to double my running wardrobe faster!

I was trying to jump up and down in excitement over placing second in my age group!

This was our first race running in our new Pearl Izumi N2 Road shoes. I had a great experience with my shoes. Jeremy’s still experimenting with the right sock+shoe combo for best results :(.

I was distracted at the end of the race and worried about someone trying to pull the tag off the bottom of my bib that I forgot to stop my watch immediately. I crossed the finish line with an official time of 40:30 and an 8:07 min/mile!

We saw so many of our friends at the race today! My friend Alissa also placed in our age group! And several of my running group friends placed in their age groups as well!

Silver medal, in 90 degree weather, at 8 am… alright!

New shoes and lacing

My new running shoes are still a little unfriendly to my feet after a second mile run. No doubt they’ll break in at the race a bit more. 

I adjusted the lacing this morning to accommodate my wider feet and give upper space to the top of my foot and hopefully my toes (http://katierunsthis.com/2011/10/04/running-shoe-lacing-techniques/): 

PROBLEM: Wide Forefoot
From the bottom of the eye row, lace up the sides of the shoe. Once you get to the middle of the shoe (midfoot), start the cross-lacing technique and continue on to the top of the shoe. Tie shoe at the top, as usual. This will give your foot plenty of room to spread or allow your toes to splay while running.

It seemed to adjust the feel nicely. 

Running shoes

I'm loving my new Pearl Izumi N2 trail shoes from @theaidstation. The road version is on the way to us at some point; they're having some trouble with our order of a week ago.



Running again

Back to some better health, along with a move towards a better schedule, more time with my wife and more running!

Oh yes.

It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous run on a gorgeous trail with new Pearl Izumi N2 shoes and my Banana Republic vnecks. Amazing day full of praise for his goodness to me and the joy of his presence.

I felt stylish and healthy and handsome and vibrant and virile. Grateful.