New shoes and lacing

My new running shoes are still a little unfriendly to my feet after a second mile run. No doubt they’ll break in at the race a bit more. 

I adjusted the lacing this morning to accommodate my wider feet and give upper space to the top of my foot and hopefully my toes ( 

PROBLEM: Wide Forefoot
From the bottom of the eye row, lace up the sides of the shoe. Once you get to the middle of the shoe (midfoot), start the cross-lacing technique and continue on to the top of the shoe. Tie shoe at the top, as usual. This will give your foot plenty of room to spread or allow your toes to splay while running.

It seemed to adjust the feel nicely. 

Running shoes

I'm loving my new Pearl Izumi N2 trail shoes from @theaidstation. The road version is on the way to us at some point; they're having some trouble with our order of a week ago.



Running again

Back to some better health, along with a move towards a better schedule, more time with my wife and more running!

Oh yes.

It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous run on a gorgeous trail with new Pearl Izumi N2 shoes and my Banana Republic vnecks. Amazing day full of praise for his goodness to me and the joy of his presence.

I felt stylish and healthy and handsome and vibrant and virile. Grateful.





Presbyterian Home 5k

We ran another 5k together! This racing business is addictive.

We were half asleep when we arrived at the race today. In part because we forgot pre-race breakfast, but whatevs. There's only so much one can manage pre-race!
The starting line for the race was on one of the entrance roads to the campus of the Presbyterian Homes. It was quite eventful at the starting line (prior to the race) as racers crowded the edges of the road while cars slowly meandered into the poorly attendent-managed parking green.
This was the first race that Jeremy and I ran together for the majority of the race. I (Nicole) came off of a 2 week running hiatus while I recovered from a shin-splint injury and Jeremy's muscles weren't quite feeling in top form. At the starting line, my inner dialoge (and external comments) slowly shifted from “I just want to finish without pain,” to “I wonder how fast I'll feel like running,” to “Oh gosh, I CAN'T be last!” Finally Jeremy commented, “There's the racer in you coming out!”
(If you hold the phone like this… you'll get a better picture)
Words cannot even express how much I love this man. 🙂 He delights my heart.
Not my best finish. But after 2 weeks of no running… I'll take an 8:25 (officially 8:23) minute mile for a 5K.
Neither of us placed in our age groups (or overall) but hey! no pain, good finish time and a beautiful day!

We finished our morning at Starbux for some post-race breakfast.