Hello appetite, where’ve you been all my life?

Oh my dear food consumption. I’m eating a lot of food these days. But unfortunately (fortunately?) I’m burning it ALL up. Crazy. And apparently it’s because of HOW i’ve been doing it: multiple small meals and not enough protein… if you see me carrying a jar of peanut butter and a spoon… don’t hate, please 🙂

Week in review, because I forgot (chose not) to blog last week….

What a hard week! I hit a “wall” and spent the entire week frustrated. I thought I had messed up my calorie intake to the point of it causing serious harm to my running groove and then after talking to an expert runner friend realized my folly was not food related.

Monday: 5 mile hike… 1.5 up, 1 down, 1 back up, 1.5 down (spread out over a couple hours) I saw an 8 point buck on this hike, I talked to a “veteran” of the running world. I took some time to ask his story… he was celebrating by watching the sunset… “celebrating?”
“5 months ago I had quintuple bi-pass surgery the day after I hiked a mountain to watch the sun rise… I’m celebrating my healing (raises shirt to show me his scar)”
He gave me some advice for my marathon training, “you’ve got to toughen up your soul” (I heard soul which he meant, but additionally I do need tough soles). He gave additional insight to the mental endurance necessary for long distance running.

Tuesday: 6 miles- 10 minute pace

Wednesday: attempted to do 7 yassos… my legs felt like I had lead for quadriceps. I can’t even type my times they’re so embarrassing. I only made it through three and couldn’t continue so I jogged a mile and cried. (At this point in my week I still thought my calorie intake was messed up… leading to weight loss…and what I imagined to be my difficulties with running).

Thursday: Alissa sent me a text and asked if I was interested in an 11-12 mile run after work. I had my work-out gear and my Sat run was supposed to be 11-12 so I figured I’d just switch it up… 9 miles into our run with her double jogger that she pushed the entire time… it was pitch black out, so we stopped.

Friday: rest (and lunch with my friend who is a cross country coach who clued me in that while she was running cross country in college, their coach forbid them during training season to go on dorm hikes during the weekend… reason: interference w/ recovery (after their long runs on fri/sat) and training for the next week…. I messed up my week by using hiking as cross training!!!! Mystery solved.

Saturday: 9 miles at 10 minute pace, but total dehydration and no water carried… the world is good!

A good day to run

Good day to you! And what a good day it has been for me. What a great week it has been for me!

Mileage overview:
Monday- spin class (stationary cycling)- 15 miles or 500 calories is how Donna explains it.
Tuesday- 5 miles on the blacktop at blackwater, all by myself with a sermon from Matt Chandler at The Village from the book of Colossians.
Wednesday- 6 Yassos (3 miles). 3:33, 3:32, 3:34, 3:36, 3:43, 3:33 which means I get to move up to 7 next week.
Thursday- 6 miles on Langhorne, Rivermont
Saturday- 10.75 miles (trails, blacktop at blackwater and langhorne rd)

Total mileage: 24.75!

Anecdotes from my week:
Tuesday- I saw several of the people I tried to connect with to run as we were all finishing… oh well 🙂
Wednesday- Alissa and I met a bit later at the track to work on the Yasso’s, she brought my “adopted” niece and nephew with her. Love these two little ones. Her daughter, unfortunately objected to both of us running at the same time, she needed someone to play with her of course! So Alissa and I took turns. Our times are pretty close, and you’re supposed to rest the amount of time you run, so this alternating worked out great.
Thursday- We ran by a fruit and veggie stand for a legitimate co-op. We’re checking on pricing and share options before we help them advertise 😉
Saturday- I did the ice bath thing after the run… brrrrr but SO helpful! Tried a different outfit- no chaffing.

Food and Water:
I love my running app on my iphone. It really helps me track my water intake in a positive and hopeful way. It bases my water intake on my 1)weight- drink half your body weight in oz of water every day, 2) extreme temperatures (hot or cold-add more water), 3) caffeine or diuretics (add ounce for ounce consumed), and a few other elements for which I’m not eligible. I then input how many ounces i drink throughout the day and it calculates a graph and average of my success. 🙂

I’m HUNGRY!!!! For many of you who have had food conversations with me over the years, I hear you cheering. I’ve never had a problem with an eating disorder (although, I’m sure many of you wondered) and for this I’m very thankful. I do have a stress correlation with my feelings of hunger. All of this running has lowered my stress to the point that my body is acknowledging hunger. I’m eating multiple meals throughout each day (first bkfst, second bkfst, first lunch, snack, dinner, snack, etc…) I’m consuming calories left and right, trying to make sure most of them are healthy calories, but sometimes… food =fuel and that’s all i consider :).

Running tips/suggestions:
I’ve never tried it, but I read the descriptions for the Couch to 5K program, and I must say, if you’ve EVER thought about running, or want to start running, this sounds incredible. I’ve really been talking this up lately and have heard a lot of positive feedback about it.

September 25: VA 10 miler (training plan 10-11 miles)
October 23: 5K Women’s race (training plan 20 miles)
Nov 13: Richmond Marathon
See you on the trails!

Cooler weather = easier runs not less sweat.

Did you see the sky today? Talk about blue! And the temperature? We weren’t roasting starting out at 6:30 this morning, yes this morning. Did you know you get more weekend that way? My goal for today was to not jack up my body… mission: accomplished. Last week I pushed my limits and ran my farthest distance, jumping a few weeks in my training. So, after a lot of encouragement from the wonderful man in my life, I stuck to my training schedule for the week. Rookie Marathon Training program, I am indeed a rookie at this. I have a “feeling” I could push my body faster and farther than my training program… but… I’ve had other “feelings” before and those haven’t ended well.

This week’s workouts:
Monday: I “tried” to get up for spin class… and by try I mean… I didn’t set my alarm but if my body woke me at the right time to go, I WOULD have gone…. (body fail!). Instead I went to flexible strength… hilarious class. I balanced on top of a stability ball on all fours… I felt like an elephant, at the circus. And my clothing choice, totally fitness appropriate and attractive… but way to slippery to be attempting core exercises attached to a stability ball. I’ll have to re-think my attire for this class. This counted as my cross-training.
Tuesday 5.5 miles, Alissa and I ran Wyndhurst, we almost did two complete laps but someone (not me, obviously) scheduled an 8 am meeting for me in Danville that required business professional dress. It’s always fun to do the athlete to professional transformation at the Y.
Wednesday: Yassos! Total distance: 4 miles. I.Felt.Awful. Not enough hydration, not enough fuel… but my times were decent, so I’m hopeful that under the right circumstances, I’ll do better. lap 1: 3:33, lap 2: 3:44, lap 3: 3:36, lap 4: 3:47, lap 5: 3:40. Next week should be six Yassos since my times were pretty consistent. At least I think w/in 10 seconds is consistent?
Thursday: I tried 3 or 4 different friends so I wouldn’t have to run by myself at night and no one was available because they were already running :(. I got to Blackwater looked at my phone and had less than 20% battery left. I didn’t feel like running on asphalt, so I hit the trail with no gps. I think I ran 4-5 miles. I hit the trail at the .25 and came out at the 1.5 so I know I did at least 1.75 on asphalt and I felt fast. I was listening to the soundtrack for Wicked and then it went to a friend’s piano playing… I’m going to have to work on my soundtrack for working out. I need some motivational music.
Friday: REST!
Saturday: 8.65 miles of trails at Blackwater with Alissa before she left me to finish her 18 miles. No chaffing this week, but I really think it’s at 8 miles and up where that becomes a problem for me, on my arms. My arms, of all places! We found several trail options and spent most of the time while I ran with her on the trail system. It. Felt. Great. No snakes. A few dogs, a few men, a few women, squirrels, spiders, dirt, cobwebs and a turtle.

Total miles for the week: 22 (down two from last week, but I think my body will appreciate my conservation)

The farthest I have ever…

10.26 miles!

This week’s mileage was 24.26 miles… that’s a lot of running.

Monday I tried a class called flexible strength… SO good. (I mentioned it in my last post, definitely planning on going again!)
Tuesday 5 miles trails at blackwater with Alissa (where we saw the snake!)
Wednesday 3.75 miles of Yasso’s and cool down laps (3:33; 3:40; 3:35; 3:45)
Thursday 5.25 miles through Wyndhurst, apparently the sun isn’t up at 6 am so running trails without headlamps, esp after the snake scare, wasn’t a possibility.
Friday- rest and pasta/chicken for dinner
Saturday- my plan was to run only 8 miles while my running partner ran 16… I got out there and felt GREAT, so I kept going for two more miles for a total of 10.26 on the 10 miler course in Lynchburg.

This week in hydration and fuel news, I’ve done really well with water consumption and calorie consumption. I’m adding in PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts and Odwalla Strawberry Pomegranate Superfood Bars. I’m also going to continue to have pasta the night before my long runs.

Long distance running differences:
~I’ve now experienced chaffing. The underside of my arm was rubbing against the arm hole of my tank-top… ouch. A friend suggested diaper cream…I used zinc oxide on it when I got home and that shirt has been retired to short runs only.
~I can drink water during training runs if my pace is consistent and I’ve had water prior to the run and the day before I’ve been well hydrated.
~I enjoyed the run so much I took my headphones out of my ears!
~grocery shopping after a long run is dangerous for my budget.

Adrenaline caused by snakes

Tonight’s 4-5 mile trail run included a snake. A SNAKE! (wait, did you read that correctly?) I said tonight’s run included a SNAKE. It was almost a train wreck. Alissa and I were single file on a trail by blackwater. I was scanning the ground for roots so I wouldn’t trip and interfere with her run…. when I saw a root that was really curvy and MOVING. Without saying a word I stopped abruptly, I think I said the word “snake,” we both backed up and started jogging in place while we contemplated our next movement.
Thoughts such as, “how fast do you think it can move?” “how fast can we sprint after running 3-4 miles already?” “is it poisonous?” “do we want to risk getting bit even if it isn’t poisonous?” “how long do you think it’ll sit there?” floated through our conversation while we jogged in place, waiting.

After it got off the trail, I sacrificed myself, she is indeed a mother of two beautiful children and wife to a good provider… he probably can’t replace her :), and went first. I sprinted a good 25 yards past where the snake was and then she followed. We survived. Praise the Lord.