26.2 miles and a pair of now dirty new running shoes

Obviously… by the comments (thank you) I forgot to mention I am following a training program… it’s a 16 week novice program I got from Runners World. I’m just getting in shape (as in… able to run without wanting to amputate my hips and knees at the end of the run) before the training program starts. 🙂

Here’s what I’m learning about myself:

Lesson 1: I’m going to have to learn how to stretch well before and after I run.
Lesson 2: Water consumption is necessary… pretty excited I found a cool iPhone app to track how much water I drink and when each day. Makes it a game, which makes it fun.
Lesson 3: I’m going to need great running music… suggestions? All I have so far is Bond (electronic remixes of classical pieces, great energy… but it’s going to get old)
Lesson 4: The app iMapMyRun makes running really fun.

Mileage update:
First week
3.75 (blkwtr)
3.25 (blkwtr)

Second week (so far)
2 (trail)
1.12 (road/neighborhood)
3.53 (trail)

And I’m going to put my training program into my calendar. I’m testing out now when I best like to run/workout… I’m realizing my best time is mornings… which is going to change my bedtime to a requirement rather than a “when-i-feel-like-it”.

A new pair of shoes and 26.2 miles….

So… for years… at least 10, one of my “want to do” items has been to train for and run a marathon. Three years ago I registered for the 10-miler. I trained and trained and trained, but before the race day the farthest I ever ran was 8 miles. I ran the 10-miler in Lynchburg, VA, finished in about 90 minutes and quit running after that race…

Due to cross-country training in middle school, high school, and casual running in college, my body is accustomed to months of cross-training and then out of nowhere, a 4 mile run. It’s a pretty sweet deal that I definitely take for granted. BUT I out-ran my last pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS size 7B shoes to the point of knee pain. No running shoes was a great excuse to do my Iron Grip Muscle class, Pilates (at the YMCA) and Jillian Michaels (until you puke or die) work-outs and the stair-master-otherwise-known-as-my-back-steps instead!

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to sign up for the VA Beach Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon and I missed the inexpensive sign up fee by one day… so I backed out graciously… a few weeks after that another friend asked if I wanted to run the Richmond Marathon… all the obstacles (except for shoes) were removed… (a place to stay- non-hotel; training buddy; training program; enough time to train)… so I signed up, ordered my shoes and began running….

yesterday. (oh dear)

Saturday will be exactly 18 weeks until the marathon.

Oh dear. What-in-the-world-was-i-thinking.

I’d also like to add, that my current stress level/schedule has resulted in an un-planned for and un-wanted weight loss of 5-7 pounds…. oh dear. Life-style change is in order!

I need to increase my calorie count, daily.
I need to increase my water consumption, hourly.
I need to start working my new “part-time-job” aka: training for a marathon.
I might need to buy a new pair of shoes before the race.

So, here we go…

I’m going to jump on the blogging a new-experience bandwagon and “journal” my progress as I’ve essentially taken 3 years off of regular running/training….

Wed- 3.75 mile run + .25 mile walk/jog (total mileage on the shoes: 4)
Thur- 3.25 mile run + .75 mile walk/jog (total mileage on the shoes: 8)