DC Trip Day 2

On our way to find coffee.

IMG 3955

One of our favorite stores: Crate & Barrel. His chair:

IMG 3979

Her chairs option 1

IMG 3984

Option 2

IMG 3987

Travels= shopping. We love Banana Republic. They have sweaters for cold travelers.

IMG 3995

A beautiful flower in the middle of a concrete jungle.

IMG 3999


IMG 0336

My absolute favorite piece. The story of God’s protection and grace.

IMG 0342

Lunch at La Tasca (see post) and dinner at Lebanese Taverna for that matter.

Futbol game with LA Galaxy and DC United. 2-2!

IMG 0346

Lots and lots of time on the metro platforms and on the metro!

IMG 0358

We’re convinced we walked a total of 10 miles, my phone turned off a few times so even though it says 8.4 miles we’re claiming 10.

IMG 4069

DC trip day 1

Our bags are packed and ready to travel…


Our departures were delayed a bit so we determined that officially our travels began at Givens with a delicious lunch. I ran 10 miles Friday morning and so my lunch was consumed quickly and with exuberance!

20130914-090655.jpgWe ate dinner at Sweetwater Tavern with friends from Lynchburg. My friend and I run together so we rarely see each other dressed up!


I’ve been using the app “Moves” and I kept it on for our travels. I love the summary bubbles it gives along with the timeline.


At the end of the day we were so excited to contemplate our travels on the morrow!