Charlottesville Anniversary Travels

We traveled to Charlottesville today for our Anniversary! But also we picked up a beautiful full length mirror for our home. It’s fantastic. We picked up a tool set as well to work on a little computer job I had to work on from Deborah at The Madeline Centre. We had lunch at Burton’s Grill, a new place just off 29; delicious lunch. 

When we returned from our hair raising mirror transportation experience, we dressed up and headed to Dish for a lovely dinner with an excellent glass of wine. She looked fantastic in her long dark blue dress. Wayne saw us post about being there and came by to say hey. We walked around Monument Terrace and visited the Elder Rose Garden where our wedding ceremony was performed. It was a good day. 

IMG 3231


1999- Utah; 2000- Iowa; 2001- Jamaica, Colorado; 2002-Mexico; 2003- Virginia 2004- Massachusetts; 2005-California, 2006-Georgia, Florida ……………. oh look it’s 2009 and I haven’t been out of the country for 7 years!

My passport has expired :(. Must renew.

I have friends living all over the world right now and I’m jealous.

7/01/09 update on this post: I have now completed and printed my passport application.
Had my picture taken for said passport!

All that’s left is writing the check and putting it in an envelope with a stamp….!!!