F1 2008 Malaysian GP this coming weekend: BMW comments

BMW has a great fan base in Malaysia. And I trust they’ll do even more to make sure they finish as well or better than the brilliant launch of their F1 2008 season in Australia. I’m looking forward to another crazy race. Various team reliability issues will be similar or worse with increased heat and humidity in Malaysia. I like Kovalainen and hope he’ll do much better this time, finishing somewhere near Hamilton. How awesome would a McLaren/BMW top four be? And no Ferrari? Heh. This is a strange start to the season.

Needs v Wants

Lately I’ve been on a much needed simplification theme in my life. I’ve been asking myself before each purchase, potential purchase or thought of eventually purchasing, “Is this a need or a want“? I find, as a result, I buy less and am much more satisfied with what I have. It is really interesting how cutting the strings of want frees me and gives me more peace. The cartoon conveys some of that idea well.

Now THAT’S an interesting car chase…

Toronto police announced in February that they had arrested the man who had stolen the backhoe with the intention of driving it to a car wash in order to break down a wall and get at the facility’s coin machine. The call to police came from a snow plow that was hot on the backhoe’s heels, with the driver having diverted from his route to chase the thief. [Toronto Star, 2-13-08]

Liverpool 2-1 Reading

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres celebrates Steven Gerrard

Fernando Torres notched his ninth goal in six games

Liverpool notched a fifth successive Premier League victory after coming from behind to beat Reading at Anfield. Marek Matejovsky rounded off a free-kick move from 20 yards out to give Reading an early lead. Liverpool equalised in equally spectacular fashion when Javier Mascherano rifled his first goal for the club from 23 yards. Fernando Torres completed the turnaround by planting home an unmarked header from eight yards.


Won our soccer game against “Armando’s team” tonight. Pretty cool. We advance. They don’t. And we next play the week after Easter.