Philosophy by Gustav Klimt

Klimt himself “said, ‘On the left a group of figures, the beginning of life, fruition, decay. On the right, the globe as mystery. Emerging below, a figure of light: knowledge.’ Critics were disturbed by its depiction of men and women drifting in an aimless trance. The original proposal for the theme of the painting was ‘The Victory of Light over Darkness’, but what Klimt presented instead was a dreamlike mass of humanity, referring neither to optimism nor rationalism, but to a ‘viscous void'” as one critic describes it (wiki).


A day off.

I’ve never had President’s day off before. And I had a lovely time. I prepared for the imminent arrival of a projector. I might be a little excited.

(from my HTC Mogul)

Ah yes, the weekend.

I spent too long on the phone and computer today missing this beautiful weather. So I opened the roof on the way home and let all the sun in. Apparently it looked as enjoyable as it felt. I enjoy the second looks I get in this car. I also love it when a couple of girls in some generic ‘car’ pull up and slow down and look and smile…and pull up and slow down and…repeat. Yes, a car should make people smile.

(from my HTC Mogul)

Inspiring images

This is an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. It’s…beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful.
I don’t want to put a Nascar driver in it. Or pretend like I’m one. Or mess around with oil and wrenches under it’s hood.
But I do want to drive one. On a quiet and curvy road somewhere. Listening to the engine, squeal of the tires and wind screaming by.

Happy Valentines/Single-awareness Day!

I’m enjoying the artificially manufactured importance of this day. And what a GORGEOUS day to…enjoy something…anything, really.

We’ve decided to eat all the candy we’ve been given, call in sick tomorrow and, since it’s a federal holiday Monday, enjoy a 4-day weekend.