It’s finally here!

Welcome home, Projector.


Liverpool are the Premier League’s draw specialists with 11 of their 25 matches inconclusive (44%). Hope they beat Middlesboro today anyway. Please?

(from my HTC Mogul)

Theodore Roosevelt

I just read an article about Roosevelt. It inspired me. I mean one time he got shot. Then he checked his own mouth for blood to see whether his lung was punctured. It wasn’t. So he stood up and gave his speech anyway…with a bullet in him. The article praises his efforts to live a strenuous life and suggests some ways to follow his example. One of these ways is to take on a challenging goal. I’m sure we all have oft done so but perhaps it is time to take on another, like a pilot’s instrument rating (at least) or B soccer coach licensure or racing a BMW. What challenging goal might you suggest?