It’s just a phone…

But what a great looking phone. The Sony X1. Sounds like a fighter jet. (Thanks for the tip, Josh)


The Lynchburg contact for the BMW Car Club of America has a collection of BMWs. How pretentious does that sound? But he’s a good guy. And he gets his hands dirty working on them.

Running and drivable (and pictured below – not actual): 88 750iL, 88 735 manual (a bit rare), 83 533, 81 528i.

Projects and parts cars: 84 318i, 80 320i, 88 528e, another 533, 2 2002’s, and an 86 735, and a few temporaries that are being finished up or parted out.

88 750iL

88 735 manual (a bit rare)

81 528i

83 533

Welcome home.

Last night, I arrived home to see this.

These are large orange trucks with their hard hat topped operators lining the sides of my road. And I walked into the house and flipped on the lights to discover, no power.

But as I left work a few minutes earlier, this was parked outside my office window.

It’s a Triumph of some sort. I couldn’t figure out what it was. But that’s just interesting.

Google Reader

I was getting sick of refreshing the 10 websites I visit repeatedly throughout the day and realized that’s what a feed’s for, you berk.


Today, my oft vacillating opinion has settled on the Ferrari F430 as my supercar of choice. It has nothing whatsoever to do with having watched a Top Gear last night featuring James May in said car. Good thing they didn’t also have an M3, M5 or M6 featured in the show.

Lunar eclipse.

For the past half hour and for a bit over another half hour tonight, the moon is eclipsed. It’s quite cold out here. So I’m seeing 10s here and 5s there, just before running into the house again to warm up. And it’s almost fully eclipsed now (pause to run back inside). By the time I run back out it should be fully eclipsed. It is quite beautiful.

And why are all my neighbor’s dogs barking at the eclipse?

(from my HTC Mogul)