It’s not here!

My projector isn’t here. My ebay seller emailed me to say he didn’t send it over the weekend. And he didn’t send it yesterday… as it was President’s Day. So he sent it today. Crap. But can’t wait.

(from my HTC Mogul)


I just had the unnerving/rewarding experience of reading my own ratemyprofessors page. I’m not very in need of other’s approval but it’s a different thing when trying to assist someone (or help or grow). I’m not even doing that sort of thing anymore but it still makes me wonder how I might improve in this area or with that tendency. And it’s rewarding to have some responses that suggest I was fair and challenging…in a helpful way, I trust. I wonder what a similar page might say about my current job performance? And what, o reader, would your page say about your current job performance?

Old Art Deco ads

My friend was at the MoMA in NY, NY this past weekend and sent me a couple ads that I might just enjoy. And I did. This advertising poster by Hohlwein is from the 1912 Audi show. The colors and pattern on the chauffeur’s coat are so attractive…but what’s he doing? Listening for the quiet Audi engine?

And this is Der Neue BMW from c. 1930 by Henry Ehlers. That’s a straight on view of a tire on the left with a fender above and suspension stacked across. The little arm is the steering.

Philosophy by Gustav Klimt

Klimt himself “said, ‘On the left a group of figures, the beginning of life, fruition, decay. On the right, the globe as mystery. Emerging below, a figure of light: knowledge.’ Critics were disturbed by its depiction of men and women drifting in an aimless trance. The original proposal for the theme of the painting was ‘The Victory of Light over Darkness’, but what Klimt presented instead was a dreamlike mass of humanity, referring neither to optimism nor rationalism, but to a ‘viscous void'” as one critic describes it (wiki).