A day off.

I’ve never had President’s day off before. And I had a lovely time. I prepared for the imminent arrival of a projector. I might be a little excited.

(from my HTC Mogul)

Ah yes, the weekend.

I spent too long on the phone and computer today missing this beautiful weather. So I opened the roof on the way home and let all the sun in. Apparently it looked as enjoyable as it felt. I enjoy the second looks I get in this car. I also love it when a couple of girls in some generic ‘car’ pull up and slow down and look and smile…and pull up and slow down and…repeat. Yes, a car should make people smile.

(from my HTC Mogul)

Inspiring images

This is an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. It’s…beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful.
I don’t want to put a Nascar driver in it. Or pretend like I’m one. Or mess around with oil and wrenches under it’s hood.
But I do want to drive one. On a quiet and curvy road somewhere. Listening to the engine, squeal of the tires and wind screaming by.

Happy Valentines/Single-awareness Day!

I’m enjoying the artificially manufactured importance of this day. And what a GORGEOUS day to…enjoy something…anything, really.

We’ve decided to eat all the candy we’ve been given, call in sick tomorrow and, since it’s a federal holiday Monday, enjoy a 4-day weekend.


Here’s three projectors I’ve been looking at that I think I can enjoy for a while. I’ve compared them with my buddy’s HP projector which has provided a very satisfactory experience. I think I can get one of them for 500ish. Which would you prefer?