I now drive an old BMW. “Why?” you ask?
1. It has oxblood leather seats. Think ‘gentleman’s club’.
2. Sunroof.
3. The woman who smiled first at the car and then me at the pumps.
4. Cash.
5. The old couple who smiled first at the car and then me while at the pumps.
6. Did I mention oxblood leather seats?
7. Driver’s car. Five speed. Straight six. 2.7L. The electrics are dodgy, but lasts forever.

(from my HTC Mogul)

Test drove the Jag this morning.

It’s my first post and should probably therefore be called my first post

And I think for my first post, I’ll post my weekend activities. I went to DC and did and saw some great things, like the Great Hall in the Library of Congress.

And those stairs go up to the observation deck of the reading room in this pic:

But the pics don’t do it justice.

And then saw this Saturday afternoon:
At this IMAX theatre:

And then ate here Saturday evening:

It’s called the Lebanese Taverna. We ordered 6 or 7 small dishes of wonderful food, like some lamb kabob. So tender. And we had a dish that included yogurt and mint leaves and nuts. And it was exotically wonderful.

February Update Letter 2008

Hello Friends and Family!

It has been awhile since I’ve sent you an update on the happenings of my life. You will notice it is coming from a new email address and there is the possibility I am sending it to you twice or to different email addresses. Please help me out by letting me know if you would like your email removed from my update list and which email address to use if I’ve used two.

Well, let’s see… November was eventful: Mom, Dad, Garrett, Kalene and I all celebrated Thanksgiving here in Lynchburg… all 5 of us were together for 5 days straight… what a wonderful adventure. We went to see Appomattox Court House and learned about Lee’s surrender to Grant… that was amazing! We drove up to Charlottesville and poked around UVA’s campus. We went out to Bedford to see the Natural Bridge- and enjoy God’s amazing creation!

I closed my first whole case, as in I worked with the client from start to finish. That was a tough day, but a beautiful day, she was so excited to have worked with me. The session where we talked about how soon I would be going to help another child, my client looked up at me and said, “yeah, other kids need you more than I do.”

That’s all I can remember from November!

December: I closed my second case, this one was very very hard because it meant officially saying goodbye to the family (from November). I made it through! At this point I also opened up a new case so I was working with two children.

Garrett and I went to Grand Rapids for Christmas! I got to see many of you, it was a wonderfully refreshing time!

January 1 I got my winter cold, and it stuck around for almost two weeks, bleuch. Then I took two intensives which means I was in class from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m for two weeks solid. I’m still working on assignments from those two weeks. God used several instances in my classes to continue healing me from what I experienced down in Florida, so praise God! I learned a lot in those two weeks and I got to meet some amazing men and women.

One of my clients “fired” me. And I started working with a now second client again. So now I have two clients and I will be doing my first intake next week to see about starting up a third client.

I’ve been reading through Ephesians and 1 Chronicles. Interesting mix but it’s working well. I’ve been considering the prayer Paul prayed for Timothy and how that applies to myself and the people around me. I’ve also been “watching” Solomon build the temple and his house.

I’ve started attending a Sunday School class called G.A.P (Graduates and Professionals), great group of people that I’m already having fun getting to know.

I have one more class this spring that starts in March as a distance class, then I will be “technically” half way done with my degree!!!

I’ve been helping my friend Tracy coach the LCA (Liberty Christian Academy- High school) Track team and I have been having a blast!

That’s all of the highlights at the moment!

How’s life for you?

October 2007 Update

Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2007 7:38 AM
Subject: FW: October Update from Nicole Humphrey

Happy Holidays!

I have been so excited this year to once again enjoy Fall! And what a vivid explosion of color! I hope Michigan fall was as beautiful as Virginia fall. Reds, magentas, oranges, yellows, browns, greens… wow! And the crunching noises of fall leaves! Yay! I have been driving with my windows down and my sunglasses on… ahh!

Well, I have acquired a new client, a little boy who is 5. He’s staffed at 10 hours a week (which means I spend 10 hours a week with him/his family), so I’m working about 24 billable hours each week and then my paperwork and meetings on top of that. I feel like it is a very full schedule. I am set to close out one of the little girls in about two weeks, and then her older sister a month later. I’ve been working this job for almost 5 months now. I feel as though I have grown and learned a lot in this time. I want to say thank you again to all of the incredible parents reading this email. You work a tough job daily. I admire your grace!

I finished my 5th class here at LU, in the middle of October and started on the next one! I am now 1/4th of the way finished with my degree! 15 classes to go… or something like that.

I was able to spend the weekend with Garrett in Charleston, SC recently, and we had a blast together!

My times of meditation and contemplation have lately included a study on wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I’ve noticed that the three words are usually linked. I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspectives on the three words. The two places I’ve been seriously chewing on are Job 38-40 and Proverbs.

As thanksgiving approaches, I’ve been pondering all that I have to be thankful for, and the list keeps growing. I hope the Lord is reminding you daily of all the blessings, he as a loving heavenly Father bestows upon us!

Until He comes! (or next month)

Nicole Elise
P.S. Christmas music is here!