It was a brisk morning commute by bus and walking. Snow!


A light dusting of snow overnight and flurries this morning. Winter is coming.

On Traveling Part 3: Day/Night Before

Part 3 of my Traveling Series continues here with additional tips and tricks we’ve gleaned after spending 18 months traveling and then taking spontaneous trips after that season.

Day/night before:
1) Fully charge all electronics and/or find necessary batteries (noise canceling headphones, phones, tablets, computers, battery packs).

2) Check the weather in the arrival city for the duration of my trip. Consider the highs and the lows. Re-evaluate the packing list to make sure any additional wardrobe options are available.

3) Pack- I prefer packing the day before, that way I have time to remember to add things to my list and bag I may have forgotten. He uses a packing list he’s created in a txt file that he copies and pastes into a note to check off item by item. I go back and forth between keeping a master list and creating a list for the trip. Either way you go preparing a list is seriously helpful. It’s amazing to realize how many items we forget we use on a regular basis.

4) Double check departure time, consider the time of day, season, holidays and plan your trip to the airport. (Typically traveling to the airport does not happen when I would normally be on those roads, so it’s good to be aware of potential traffic challenges).

5) Eat the food in your fridge, freeze what you can and toss what may spoil or stink if left for the duration of your travels. Did you know bacon freezes well? I like to separate each piece on wax paper and roll it like a log then each piece can thaw one at a time. Eggs also freeze well they just need to be scrambled first.

What do you like doing the day/night before traveling?

A Loving Plate

When we were dating Jeremy introduced me to the idea of a loving cup.

It was probably a glass of wine that we shared. We’ll never know if this was a romantic gesture, a literary reference or a smooth distraction over it being the last clean glass in the cupboard.

Anyway the term stuck so now anytime we share utensils, plates, glasses etc we call it a loving [item]. We had a very loving breakfast.

But don’t worry the dishwasher is running now.