Relationship Books We Like

2 more couples we like split up this past year. While there’s no panacea for relationship difficulties, I thought I’d mention the books we thought were helpful and that we recommend.

  • Letters to Philip and Letters to Karen
  • 5 Love Languages
  • His Needs, Her Needs
  • A financial book, like Your Money or Your Life, The Simple Path to Wealth, or Total Money Makeover
  • Boundaries (His)
  • Love is a Decision (Hers)

5.48 mi run

5.48 mi on LoBo trail and saw a bald eagle, a golden eagle, 2 hawks, cottontails, prairie dogs, 2 running groups, and mountains.

My jeans went trendy today

Guess what happened today? 🤦‍♀️ I’m just not okay with this situation. Also. Guess it’s time to go jean shopping. Cue: my least favorite item of clothing to purchase. Haha.

More than 5 miles today! And another beautiful day in Boulder. I saw a fox! And an eagle! That had just caught something and flew to a low branch for breakfast.

Snowy morning pedestrian commutes are so fun! Brrr/Yay!